The amazing, exhilarating world.

The wondrous natural landscapes.

The force of Mother Nature, sweeping us into a frenzy,

Whilst commanding the utmost respect.

Things and feelings so unexplainable,

It is best not to even try.

Just when you are chugging along,

As if nothing will ever change,

Things spiral into directions you didn’t even of.

They push and pull, tug and toil, conflicting,

Inexplicable and incandescent.

Making you wonder of the world’s darkness.

But at that moment, just stop and think.

Those pushes and pulls, those tugs and toils,

They are the many intrinsics of life.

When they appear, switch your sight to outside.

Look towards the lights. Look towards the trees.

Look at the people who don’t have a clue what you are looking at.

Then look at the ones who just might know what.

Who might know how you feel and what you see.

It is the world, the mighty world.

It moulds and shapes you, flexing its muscles.

Just send yourself in search of the sunshine.

It is always there. It might just be hiding behind a cloud.


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