Amelia is an aspiring/emerging writer, artist and curator.

She has a passion for nineteenth and twentieth century art and history and is especially interested in how gender intersects with art and the arts industry more broadly. She is also interested in the representation of art and culture in mainstream media and popular culture and believes in making the arts accessible to a broad public, as well as those directly invested in the industry.

Amelia has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double-major in art history and history and is currently studying honours in art history at the University of Melbourne (UOM), looking at nineteenth century Australian women artists. She has completed an internship at the UOM’s print collection and has volunteered at a variety of Melbourne arts organisations, including the Melbourne Museum, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) and Express Media’s Buzzcuts Program and is the 2017 Education Officer of the Art History Students Society at the UOM.

Amelia lives nearby Melbourne and apart from loving anything art, history or writing related, has a possible obsession with period tv shows and films (especially if they involve awesome women), a keen interest in feminism and politics and a possible addiction to tea.